Great Family Fun

Slow down your busy life for a day

Is there any better price than FREE? We didn’t think so, but that is what the Roseville Gratiot Cruise can be for you. You can set-up you camp early and take a relaxing day for yourself or your family.

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Show OffYour Hard Work

Let everyone see your restoration

Do you have a labor of love in your garage? We know that many classic car owners did not buy their car complete. It took months or years of hard work and dedication to erase decades of neglect.

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Something ForEveryone To See

Whatever your pleasure you will see them

What’s your favorite car? That sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Not so fast – Ask that question to 10 people and you may get 10 different answers.
There is no easy answer when you are put on the spot.

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Those Were The Days

Remember When Cars Had an Identity?

If you are one of the more “seasoned”cruisers or fans you can certainly remember when cars actually looked different. You could tell the model and often the year from 50 feet away.

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Start your engines cruisers


It's Friday night, the weather is warm, you have a few bucks and a tank of gas. Let's Go Cruisin!

Anyone who grew up east of VanDyke probably cruised our beloved Gratiot at least a couple times. For those of us that we raised in the Gratiot corridor from Detroit to the Clem there was no better place to hang out. When you were on the road there was always something to do. Meeting guys or gals, grabbing some munchies or stuffing some fellas in the trunk to sneak in at the Drive In. Maybe it was a serious and wanted to drag for pink slips. Whatever the case we all have our own memories and stories (oh the stories) of making those nightly loops.


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